Habitat Environmental Services

Biodiversity Consultants

Habitat Environmental Services is an environmental consultancy based on the NSW Central Coast. The team is led by Dr. Gilbert Whyte, a botanist with over 20-years' experience in environmental assessment.

We specialise in all areas of environmental assessment to meet local, State and Commonwealth approval requirements. Services include ecological surveys and assessments, vegetation mapping, threatened species surveys, monitoring, and environmental management. We are accredited under the NSW Biodiversity Offset Scheme (BDAR, BSSAR and BCAR). We also conduct ecological research and providing training services to other consultants (plant identification workshops, and zoology).

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Who We Work With


Local Councils

Ecological assessment to support local development


State Government

Ecological assessments in accordance with state legislation.

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Federal Government

EPBC Referrals and other supporting documents.

Free comprehensive strategic advice

Environmental legislation can be difficult to navigate. At Habitat Environmental Services, we take the time to evaluate your project needs and determine the most appropriate type of assessment required to support your project. We also provide strategic advice to streamline the environmental assessment process.

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